Who we are

Bristol born and made to stand out, Butcombe Brewing Co. began life at a time of cultural, social and political change, crafting beer before ‘craft beer’ was even a thing.

You see, at that time, no one was risking it all starting a brewery, making simple, premium, easy-drinking ale. To do so was an act of defiance. Or madness. But, over 45 years later and a lot of hard graft, by staying true to our beliefs and Bristolian roots, it looks like owning a resolutely maverick brewing company isn’t such a crazy idea after all. By going against the grain, to work intimately with it, we made our own statement with every pint. And what was true then is just as important today.

We’re made of different stuff at Butcombe. We’re an eclectic bunch of passionate people, all brought together by our love of food, drink and service. We get the greatest buzz from seeing customers enjoying the food and drink we’ve made and served with love. Everything we do is from the heart…

Brewing Process

1. Mashing

2. Sparging

3. Boiling

4. Hopping

5. Whirlpool

6. Fermentation

7. Racking

8. Packaging

9. The Serve

Award Winning

Our history


The late summer of 1978

Simon Whitmore founds Butcombe Brewing Co. using his Courage Western redundancy payment to convert his farm buildings and family home into a brewery.

The brewery equipment, purchased from Allied Breweries surplus plant in Burton-on-Trent, is driven back to Bristol in Simon’s Bedford 35cwt truck.


Butcombe Expansion!

Butcombe Brewery is extended, taking capacity up to 5,760 pints per brew.


Relocation & New Water

Butcombe Brewery relocates to a brand new site at nearby Wrington, with brewing commencing on February 26th. 

The team dig a borehole deep into the ground to access the finest Mendip Spring water and slowly expand their range – crowd favourites like Butcombe Blonde, Mendip Spring and Brunel Atlantic; icons of a bygone era.


Time to Collaborate

Sustainable and passionate farmer Adam Henson begins collaborating with Butcombe.

His Cotswold-grown Maris Otter malting barley produces a stunning pale ale, and we dedicate a beer to his farm - Rare Breed Pale Ale. It has gone on to win several Taste Of The West Gold Medals.


Shaping The Future

Liberation Group acquires Butcombe, merging two of the most successful independent national breweries.


A New Site!

Butcombe opens a state-of-the-art bottling, kegging and distribution depot in Bridgewater.

Located near the M5 it allows ease of distribution for Butcombe beers. Beer is delivered as fresh as the day it was brewed.


Medal Winners

Butcombe Original and Goram IPA win Gold medals at the British Bottlers Institute Awards.

Original goes on to win Gold in the SW category at the SIBA National Beer Awards. Stateside IPA is launched, an American-inspired IPA, winning Gold at the Taste Of The West Awards.


More Medals!

Goram IPA Zero is launched and achieves Gold at the World Beer Awards, along with Country Winner.

Tall Tales Pale Ale is launched.

Goram IPA Zero wins Gold at World Alcohol Free Awards. Tall Tales wins Silver at the World Beer Awards.


Who we are today?

We are a modern brewer with heritage from Bristol. Born at a time of cultural, social and political change we have stayed true to our independent roots and proudly brew some of the South Wests best loved beers.